Jack Pardee (born April 19, 1936 in Exira, Iowa) is an American former football player and head coach.  As a teenager moved to Christoval, Texas where he excelled as a member of the 6 man football team, was an All-American linebacker at Texas A&M University, a two-time All-Pro with the Los Angeles Rams (1963) and Washington Redskins (1971), a 2-time NFL Coach of Year (1976,79), and winner of 87 games in 11 seasons. 

Arthur Pardee (born July 13, 1921) is an American biochemist. One biographical review begins "Among the titans of science, Arthur Pardee is especially intriguing." He is perhaps most famous for his part in the 'PaJoMo experiment' of the late 1950s, which greatly helped in the discovery of messenger RNA.

One of the most versatile athletes at the New Mexico Senior Olympics is Jack Pardee of Albuquerque.  Pardee participated in the maximum of 10 sports at the 2001 games in Las Cruces, New Mexico, including cycling, shot, discus, javelin, swimming and airgun events.  He holds two senior pistol-standing records.  His most successful events are in cycling, however; he holds nine cycling records.

George Cooper Pardee (July 25, 1857 - September 1, 1941) was a medical doctor and was known as the "Earthquake Governor of California," holding office from January 6, 1903 to January 8, 1907. He was born in 1857 in San Francisco, California, to Enoch and Mary Pardee. Prior to his stint as governor, Pardee served as Mayor of the City of Oakland, California.

Sarah Winchester (September 1839 ? September 5, 1922), born Sarah Lockwood Pardee, was an heiress and the builder of the Winchester Mystery House. She was the daughter of Leonard Pardee and Sarah W. Burns, and had six siblings

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